Contrast Titlecard for Mangaminx

Contrast Titlecard for Mangaminx

A thumbnail card I made for the youtuber Mangaminx, hopefully she’ll use it.


Waterfall sketch

Waterfall sketch

A little speedpaint I did because I want to learn to also be able to draw other things rather than just women.. it’s not great but it’s a start.


This is a speedpaint I made about a week ago, I used a screencap from the movie “Stoker” as a reference.. the girl in my drawing is called “India” in the movie, hence the name. You should also check out the film it’s absolutely amazing!┬á(If you’re into psychological thrillers)

Anyways.. I trief a different technique for a change, normally i would use lineart as a base for my drawing but this time i did without and this was actually the first time I’ve tried this. I have had very positive feedback on it.

india Original

This was the original one but I’ve been playing around with color a bit and I really liked this version myself:

India Blue


Which one do you prefer?

Mangaminx Pirate

Mangaminx Pirate

A little digital speedpaint i did as a titlecard for the youtuber Mangamix (also known as therpgminx or just Minx), she is a “let’s player” on youtube that plays games with other youtubers as entertainment, this particular titlecard was for a game called “Pirate Wars” which is part of “Gmod”.
I used a picture by Senshistock as a reference.