Portrait modeldrawing class


This day we didn’t have any models so one of the other people who was doing the course offered to sit for us, this is the result of an exercise in which we had to use three different tones, the middle tone was pottery orange/brown, the dark was charcoal and the light was chalk.
Obviously this wasn’t completely finished.

Right now I don’t have pictures of any of my other drawings but I think I’ll get to that somewhere this month..

The red lady

Speedpaint made with Sumopaint

Speedpaint made with Sumopaint

I wanted this woman to look a bit like Bettie Page in a very simplistic and clean way.. I feel like I succeeded quite well.

Soon I probably won’t be using SumoPaint so much anymore because it’s not free and it is quite annoying to always use it online, I think I’ll be using MyPaint mostly untill I can afford an Apple laptop and Photoshop.